I'm Crazy in Love with the art of Anna Chiatto!

Wedding planning is a very delicate job.

As a photographer, I always jump into the wedding day when everything is already done. Flowers are spreading their flavours, the rings are ready to be worn, musicians are tuning their instruments, both newlyweds are about to wear their dresses and suits.

What about everything that happens in months before?

I've met plenty of planners in these years, but no one have captured my immagination like Anna.

Ironically, she's from my same hometown, a little city very close to Naples. We've been in touch for a while, waiting to work together. I remember when she proposed me the wedding of Laura and Darren in Ponza Island, an amazing place that took a little piece of my heart.

Ponza is a colorful quiet gem, surrounded by wild nature and clean white buildings.

Anna loves her job, you can see it in every little detail she put into a single event. Her world is made of bright matte colors, creative use of different flowers and compositions, elegant graphics, smiles and laughs.

A true professional who work constantly to make other's job easier.

Photographers: Luigi Reccia, Paolo Langella

Planning: Anna Chiatto

Location: Chiaia di Luna

Dress: Pronovias

Flowers: Michela De Marco

Furniture: Event Set

Make Up: Carlotta MuA